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The power of good morning ...
          indecision     to     laugh

Good morning and thank you for EVERYONE who was part of our virtual sports day, irrespective of level or job!   In my opinion you are all winners for taking part.  😊   So far, 9 children have shared with me their level of achievement.  If you have yet to send me your level, please do so today.  Thanks.  😊

Today there are quite a few PDFs to send you.  One will be your ‘home learning grid’.  Remember, feel free to look back at previous grids sent out and choose something you have not yet done. Variety is the spice of life - idiom!  😉 

I think on last week’s grid I forgot to send you PDF for the mapping task; what am I like?  Anyway, hopefully this will be rectified today! 

I know I say it each and every week but:
  • just engage with what you can manage
  • ask me for any kind of help – be it a better explanation, resource or link.
  • be the best version of you – challenge yourself and then you will be well prepared for Primary 5 after the summer hols.
Wishing you a very happy and funtastic day!  heart

Joke:  Why didn't the cheese want to get sliced?
Because it had grater plans!

Brain Teaser:  Appears on App. and answer will be sent out to those who send me their solution.  yes