PRIMARY 1A   Wednesday 24th June
Good morning Primary 1.
It was lovely to see all your posts yesterday. Some of you were looking at the old seaside photographs and learned that things have changed at the seaside over the years eg what we wear, how we get in to the water, what we eat, how we travel and how far we travel. We know that photographs give us evidence of these changes. Others have been making ice lollies and have them in their freezers. I hope they taste good!!

Here are today’s numeracy and literacy activities that will be posted over on Seesaw.

  • Make your own ice cream shop. Follow the instructions from the craft activity on Seesaw to make your own ice cream cones. Are you going to be the shop keeper or the customer? Use real or pretend coins.
  • Problem solving- Draw a diagram to solve the ice-cream problem that is posted on Seesaw. Drawing a diagram is a strategy that we can use to work out the answer.
  • Ordinal numbers- Read the information provided and colour in the correct scoop of ice cream. (first, second, third, fourth, fifth etc)

  • Make signs and labels for your ice cream shop. Remember to use £- pound and p – pence signs. How many different kinds of ice cream are you going to sell? Label all the different flavours. What is your ice cream shop going to be called?
  • Complete the sentences in the “Beach Writing Prompts”. Remember to leave finger spaces, sit your letters on the lines and finish with a full stop.
  • Punctuation Activity- Read the sentences on Seesaw and finish them with a question mark, exclamation mark or full stop.
Have fun and send me all your photographs, recordings and completed tasks over on Seesaw. I am in school again this morning but will be in touch just as soon as I can.
Have a great day!
Mrs Dowie