PRIMARY 1A     Tuesday 23rd June
Good morning everyone!
Thank you for sharing all your posts yesterday. I can see that you are getting really good at recognising and adding up all the different coins. Lots of you enjoyed the coconut money game on Top Marks too.

Here are today’s literacy and numeracy activities which will be posted over on Seesaw and remember that you can choose other curricular activities from the learning grid that I posted on the school app yesterday.

  • Listen to the story called “Sharing a Shell”.
  • Listen really carefully for the rhyming words in this story. Can you write the rhyming words in your jotter?
  • Reading- Read through the “Beach Habitat Comprehension Activity” and answer the following questions.
  • Complete the “Beach Habitat Sorting Activity”

  • Practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.
  • Play the Coin Addition Game. Use the printable coins or tape real coins on to bits of cardboard to play this adding game.
  • Complete the Piggy Bank Activity, putting the right coins in to the piggy banks to make the totals shown.
  • Making 10 Number Bond Challenge. Record your number sentences.
Have a great day everyone. I am in at school again this morning meeting the new Primary 1s but will catch up with you in the afternoon.
Take care.
Mrs Dowie