Thursday 18th June

Good morning everyone!
I hope you are all well and ready for another busy day. Here are todays’ literacy and numeracy activities which will be posted over on  Seesaw.
  • Listen to the story “The Huge Bag of Worries”.
  • Answer the following questions about the story. Try to use the question in your answer and that way you will be answering in a full sentence. Record your answers for me. The questions are on Seesaw.
 Eg Who do you think Loftus is?    
        I think Loftus is …
         Where did Jenny find
         the huge bag of worries?  
         Jenny found the huge
         bag of worries ……
  • Design your own bag of worries. We have been talking about things that are worrying you about coming back to school but there are maybe other things that worry you or make you sad. We know that it is better to share our worries and not keep them stuck inside us. Use the templates or draw your own bag and then fill it with any worries you have.  Decide what to do with them when you are finished!

  • Complete the “Spending Money” activity. Use pound coins to work out the answers by doing taking away sums.
  • Play “The Fastest Finger Coin Recognition Game”. You will need a set of all the different coins for each player. This is on Seesaw.
  • Monster symmetry -  use a mirror to help you to complete the monsters. You might want to use them to fill up your big bag of worries!

Have a great day everyone. I think it is meant to be nice again so enjoy the sunny weather.

Take care,
Mrs Dowie