PRIMARY 1A   Monday 22nd June
Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend.
I cannot believe that we are so close to the end of term! We only have 2 weeks to go, so keep working hard. You will find today’s literacy and numeracy activities posted on Seesaw and a learning grid, which covers the other curriculum areas, attached below. I have made up the learning grid for the next two weeks with lots of different activities, that I hope you enjoy.

  • History of Seaside Holidays – reading comprehension (Seesaw)
  • Can you make up an “Under the Sea Alphabet”? eg Aa is for angel fish, Bb is for blue whale, Cc is for clown fish etc (writing)
  • Practise your word walls and sound mats.
  • Read one of your own picture/story books.
  • Pencil Control Activity – Capital Letters (Seesaw)

  • Order the coins from the smallest value to the largest value. This is an activity on Seesaw. Use real coins if you cannot print this out.
  • Making amounts activity- Find different ways of making the same amount. This activity is on Seesaw.
  • Go to the shop with a purse/wallet full of different coins. Buy something and choose the right coins to pay for your purchase.
I will be in school nearly every morning this week but will catch up with your posts later in the day. I look forward to seeing all your great work.
Take care everyone.
Mrs Dowie