PRIMARY 1A   Wednesday 10.6.20
Good morning everyone and welcome back. Thank you for all your hard work yesterday. I enjoyed seeing the lovely art work that some of you did using wax resist.
Here are the literacy and numeracy activities for today that will be posted over on Seesaw.
Listening for information.
Watch “Billy Blue Hair – Why is the Ocean Salty?”
After you have listened carefully, make a recording on Seesaw and tell me in your own words why seas and oceans are salty?
Complete the Rainbow Fish sentences.  (Use the lines to sit your letters on and don’t forget a full stop.)
Read the words on your word walls. (All the word walls were posted last week if you need them)
How many packets, labels, signs etc can you read in your house or when you are out and about?
Choose a story book you have at home and read it with a grown up.

Mental maths
  • Show me a number on your fingers. How quickly can you show 7 fingers? Etc
  • Sing the months of the year song.
  • Start at any number and add 10 eg 7, 17, 27, 37, 47 etc   9,19, 29. 39, 49
  • Under the Sea addition activity. (This is on Seesaw)
  • Watch this video link and have some fun making your own hand prints to count in 5s. Warning it could get messy! 
  • Use the 100 square that I have posted on Seesaw. Count in 5s and colour each number you land on 5,10, 15, 20, 25, 30 etc. Look for and describe the pattern.

 I know that some mums and dads are back at work now so please do not feel that you have to complete all the activities given. Pick and choose what suits you and your family and take care of each other.
Have another great day.
Mrs Dowie