Thursday 11th June

Happy Thursday! Here are the Literacy and Numeracy tasks for today.

Numearcy task  li – equations
Green chilli li – to use a function machine
When you put a number into the machine, then do something to it (multiply for example) then the answer is then produced. This is similar to the method of calculating equations. Complete green chilli tasks in file
Orange chilli li – cover up method
Calculate harder equations using the cover up method. Complete Orange chilli tasks in files.
Red chilli li – gather like terms
Continue to practice finding like terms to simplify and solve equations. Complete Red chilli task in files.
Literacy Task – continue P1 school book
Today your task is to continue your P1 book. Today you should have created your story line and now should start to create your book if you haven’t already done so.
When you finish your book, please email it to me on GLOW 😊.
Here are some picture story books for you to listen to. This will help you think about the type of language you might want to use. Feel free to find more on CBBC bedtime story.

Remember to always be the best version of yourself!                                
 Miss C 😊