Tuesday 9th June
Happy Tuesday! Here are today’s Numeracy and Literacy tasks.
In numeracy, we are moving on to learn about algebra.
Numearcy task  li – algebra
All groups – watch the following link to learn about/remind yourself about algebra and how to calculate equations.
Feel free to watch the clip as many times as you want. Have a look in files and choose the chilli challenge suitable for you to see if you can work out the equations.

Literacy Task – li – to comprehend a text
On the 7th December 1971, an event occurred which changed WW2. This event was Pearl Harbour and lead to America joining the war. This task is chilli challenged *=green ** = orange *** = red So think about which one would be the best one to do for your learning. The answers are at the end of each comprehension tasks so not peaking!

Remember to always be the best version of yourself!                                
 Miss C 😊