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Hello P6/7,

It has been a busy week so far. P7s – I hope you had a super visit to Auchmuty and enjoyed finding out more about it all.

Remember to ask if you are unsure about anything, I’ll be on Teams and email throughout the day.

Have a great Wednesday!

Mrs Muir 

Groups 1 and 2
Today, we will continue our learning about algebra. Remember that this is where a letter or symbol is used instead of a number. If you need a quick refresher since last week, have a look back at your work from Tuesday and Wednesday.

Today’s work will sum up the ideas we have covered so far – combining like terms (putting symbols together which are the same), replacing letters with a number value and understanding that 4m means ‘4 multiplied by m’ or ‘4 lots of m’ or ‘m + m + m + m’.

Task 1a – topic maths
Your first numeracy task today is to complete the ‘Algebra warm up’ task. This task should give you a reminder about the main ideas of the algebra work and will get your brains warmed up! This can be completed on paper or in your jotter if you can’t print it out.

Task 1b – topic maths
Next, I would like you to complete ‘p112-3’. This covers how to solve harder equations. The box at the top of the page will remind you how to do this using the cover up method. If you are unsure, just ask and I will help you to get started.