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Hello there P6/7,

It is Wednesday already – where are the weeks going?

Have a lovely day today!

Mrs Muir 

Group 3
Today, we are going to continue our work on probability and chance. You will remember from yesterday that there are different words such as likely, very likely and certain which you will find when working with probability and chance.

Task 1a – topic maths
I would like you to complete page 226/227 either in your jotter or on paper. Remember to lay your work out neatly, just as you would in your school jotter. This task focuses on probability and chance word problems and so you should read the questions carefully and think about what it is asking you to do. 

Task 1b – topic maths
Next, I would like you to carry out another investigation – this time it is a ‘Coin Flip Investigation’! For this one, you will need a coin (any coin will do), a pencil and the activity sheet (printed or on the screen). If you can’t print out the sheet, just note down your answers neatly in your jotter. Read the instructions carefully and see what you learn about chance and probability.