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I have been so impressed with your efforts over the last few weeks in writing. Your work has been well laid out, clearly structured and has had clear arguments. You have followed the advice closely which has helped you to produce very good pieces of work – well done! This will be the last piece of persuasive writing this term – we will move onto a new block next week.

Task 2a - writing
Remember to check this list and look at the persuasive writing poster to help you with this task. They will make sure that you cover all of the points clearly.  

Remember the basics from the last few weeks –
  • Your work must have a clear title which grabs your reader’s interest
  • Start off with an introduction which states what your writing will be about and what your own opinion is
  • Each of your reasons should be in a separate paragraph.
  • If you know of a clear counter argument, you should include it and say why you believe it is incorrect.
  • Use emotive language (language which causes you to feel an emotion)
  • Write in the first person (I, he, she and so on)
  • Write in the present tense (It is clear that…)
  • End your writing with a conclusion and perhaps a rhetorical question

Today, I would like you to pick one of the following topics - this will mean that you are writing about something you have an opinion about.
  • There should be no homework at school.
  • I should be allowed to eat ice cream everyday.
  • All classrooms should have a class pet.
  • Dogs are better pets than cats.

Remember that you can disagree with the topic – you will need to set up your arguments to show whether you agree or disagree. It may be helpful to make a list of reasons/arguments for and against the topic before you start writing.

Now, using a similar plan to last week’s writing task, plan your work -  
School uniform should be optional.
Introduction What is your writing going to be about? Do you agree or disagree?
Paragraph 1 Reason 1 - Clear explanation
Paragraph 2 Reason 2 - Clear explanation
Paragraph 3 Reason 3 - Clear explanation
You can include as many paragraphs here as you need to
Conclusion Summarise your ideas End with a rhetorical question or clear statement

Once you feel that your plan is clear and you know exactly where to start, you can start your persuasive writing based on one of the topics above.

You can use your jotter to handwrite your story, type it on Glow or type it straight onto your ePortfolio.

Once you have finished, look at the advice card to check if you have included all that you need and check your work over. To assess your work this week, I would like you to use two stars and a wish.

I really enjoy reading your work each week so please email it to me or share it on Teams.