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Today, we are going to continue to enhance our persuasive writing skills. I’ve seen a big improvement in your work over the last two weeks – well done! With this task, we will be reinforcing our skills and adding in a few extra ideas too.

Task 2a - writing
I’ve included an advice card which shows lots of useful ways of writing to argue or persuade. It includes lots of the ideas we looked at before but adds in some other useful tools. These include using varying sentence lengths for effect, giving more examples and using contrast. There are clear examples to help you use these tools. This is a really useful resource so please use it as your checklist today – use as many of these tools in your piece of writing as you can.

Remember the basics from the last two weeks –
  • Your work must have a clear title which grabs your reader’s interest
  • Start off with an introduction which states what your writing will be about and what your own opinion is
  • Each of your reasons should be in a separate paragraph.
  • If you know of a clear counter argument, you should include it and say why you believe it is incorrect.
  • Use emotive language (language which causes you to feel an emotion)
  • Write in the first person (I, he, she and so on)
  • Write in the present tense (It is clear that…)
  • End your writing with a conclusion and perhaps a rhetorical question

Please also try to use some of the tips and tools from the advice card.

Task 2b
Your first task is to decide how you feel about this statement – ‘School uniform should be optional’. Do you agree or disagree? Now, make a list of reasons/arguments for the argument (why it should be optional) and against the argument (why it should not be optional).

Now, using a similar plan to last week’s writing task, plan your work -  
School uniform should be optional.
Introduction What is your writing going to be about? Do you agree or disagree?
Paragraph 1 Reason 1 - Clear explanation
Paragraph 2 Reason 2 - Clear explanation
Paragraph 3 Reason 3 - Clear explanation
You can include as many paragraphs here as you need to
Conclusion Summarise your ideas End with a rhetorical question or clear statement

Once you feel that your plan is clear and you know exactly where to start, you can start your persuasive writing based on ‘School uniform should be optional’.

You can use your jotter to handwrite your story, type it on Glow or type it straight onto your ePortfolio.

Once you have finished, look at the advice card to check if you have included all that you need and check your work over. To assess your work this week, I would like you to compare it to last week’s persuasive writing and assess it using plus (+), minus (-) or equals (=).
  • If your work is better than last week’s then you will give it a ‘plus’ and give reasons why you think this.
  • If your work is not as successful than last week’s then you will give it a ‘minus’ and explain why you think this.
  • If your work is just as successful than last week, you will give your work an equal = and give reasons why.

I really enjoy reading your work each week so please email it to me or share it on Teams.