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Hello P6/7,

We have made it to Friday again! Yippee!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and perhaps we will get some sunshine too!

I miss you all lots!

Mrs Muir 

Group 3
Today, we are going to continue our focus on improving our problem solving skills. We will be concentrating on working backwards. With this type of problem, you may be given the answer (or part of the answer) and you have to work backwards to figure out where it started. If you don’t get the answer you expect straight away, please keep trying – this is how you get better at problem solving!

All of these tasks can be completed on paper or in your jotter.

Task 1a – warm up!
Warm up time first – your first task is called ‘The Tall Tower’. Work through it logically – you may need a few attempts to get each part correct.

Task 1b - challenge
Your next challenge is called ‘shape challenge’. You need to figure out what the value of each shape is and then added together, what they total in rows – a bit like a sudoku puzzle. Again, you will need to use a logical approach and work backwards. Persevere when it becomes tricky!