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Today, I would like you to take your literacy work outdoors (weather permitting!) These tasks can be done indoors with a different subject if the weather is not suitable or if you aren’t able to go outdoors.

If you are going for a walk, make sure that you are accompanied by an adult and that you stay safe and stick to our current social distancing advice. If you are unable to go for a walk, perhaps you could use an outdoor space at your house.  

Task 2a
You will need – paper, pencils or pens, an outdoor space and a tree (if possible!)

Today, I would like you to write poetry about trees and the outdoors. This will be free poetry so you can write it in any way you wish. I would like you to display your finished poetry as a shape/picture poem (think back to our firework poetry where you wrote your poetry around shapes and pictures).

Remember to use all of the language tools you can – rich language, repetition, ambitious vocabulary, interesting openers, similes and metaphors. This will make your poetry interesting and engaging. If you are focusing on trees in particular, remember to think about their texture, colour, shape, shadows and light, smell, shape and leaves.

I am including a file which will give you a few starters – for example, sit under the tree and look up then create a simile starting – With branches as ……..

Don’t worry if you can’t get to an outdoor space, you could write poetry about what you can see out of your window - the clouds, the homes and the trees around you.

I can’t wait to see these so please share them with me by email or on Teams!