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Wednesday 17.6.20

Today’s task for literacy is a reading comprehension task. We are looking at different kinds of non-fiction texts. Often with this kind of text, you will not read the whole of the text but will often skim read quickly and scan the words looking for specific pieces of information.
  • Skimming is reading rapidly in order to get a general overview of the material. 
  • Scanning is reading rapidly in order to find specific facts.
Read the attached task and then complete the accompanied tasks.
All Groups
…Should complete the section about ‘Responding To the text’. Blue is the easiest and red is the most tricky. Choose the one which is right for you.
Group 1 and 2
You should complete the task called ‘ Scanning For Key Words’ which encourages you to look for key words in the text.
All Groups
..Should have a wee try at the section on alphabetical order. Blue is the easiest and red is the most tricky.
Finally, there is another section for you all to read. In order to understand the information fully, we need to look at different kinds of text including charts, diagrams and maps. Use all of these pieces of information to write a paragraph summarising the main facts.

Numeracy and Maths
In Numeracy today we are trying out a wee logical thinking investigation about cows and sheep which is attached.

Happy Learning today!
Love Mrs T

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