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Wednesday 1.7.20
Do you know what the world penultimate means? Look it up in a dictionary. Today is the penultimate day of this school year.

For literacy today, you are going to do a reading comprehension all about the Loch Ness Monster. The attached reading is at three different levels. One star is the easiest and three stars is the most tricky. Choose the one which is right for you. The answers are at the end.

Once you have done this, I’d like you to read the following quotes from people who believe they have seen the Loch Ness monster. Once you have read them, draw a labelled diagram of what you think the monster looks like.

‘I saw a hump travelling at speed.’
‘The hump looked like an upturned boat or the back of a giant tortoise.’
‘It had a back like an elephant.’
‘I saw two humps.’
‘It had multiple humps… like a giant eel.’
‘It had a tail and a neck that was about five feet long.’
‘It had a 30 foot hump and a neck that was 6 feet out of the water.’
‘I saw a swan-like neck.’
‘It looked like a dinosaur with an 8-foot long neck.’
‘a snake-like head’
‘The beast was the full width of the road.’
‘It was the nearest thing to a prehistoric animal that I have ever seen.’
‘Huge animal with a giraffe-like neck.’

Numeracy and Maths

For Numeracy today, you will be carrying out an investigation. You will need to be very organised and systematic in the way you record you answers here to make sure that you don’t repeat any or miss any out. Here is the link to the problem


Happy Learning today!
Love Mrs T

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I needed a password that was 8 characters long so I chose Snow White and The 7 Dwarves.
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