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Thursday 11.6.20

Hey All- Hope you are fine on this new day!!! Random fact of the day. Did you know that is was 27 years ago today that the first Jurassic Park film was released. Tell your parents that!! Very scary how time disappears!

For your literacy today, you are going to do a little bit of handwriting. Look at the attached document and try to follow the patterns very carefully before rewriting the passage in your best joined handwriting. Look carefully at where the letters join each other.
Within this, there are 13 tricky spelling words written in bold. Choose 5 of these words. Draw a flower for each word. Write the letters of the word in the petals to try and remind you how to spell them.

Numeracy and Maths
Today we are going to look at different aspects of time. Remember to try and challenge yourself.

Group 1
You are looking at using am and pm/ 24 hour times.
First watch this video-
Then try your maths task for the day

Group 2
You are looking at seconds in a minute.
First watch this video-
Then try your maths task for the day

Group 3
You are looking at telling the time with quarter to and quarter past the hour.
First watch this video-
Then try your maths task for the day

Happy Learning today!
Love Mrs T

Answer to yesterday’s anagram
Today’s Joke
Today a man knocked on my door and asked for a small donation towards the local swimming pool. I gave him a glass of water.
Today’s Anagram – A country
I Salt Aura