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Friday 19.6.20
Another week down!! Have a lovely weekend guys!

Today’s literacy task is a talking one! If you have access to a fidget spinner, all the better, but is not, use a 1 ½ minute timer. Attached are some thinking/talking cards which show many different subjects (Some are quite crazy!!) Talk to an adult about each of these subjects for the time it takes your fidget spinner to turn. You can have a couple of minutes of thinking time before you talk. Try to stay focussed on the task and not drift on to talking about something else.

Numeracy and Maths
Collect lots of stick outside. Can you construct a 3D shape (We focussed on these a few weeks ago. Use masking tape or string to attach the corners together. If you want t make a cube, you will have to think about how many edges a cube has an also cut all of your sticks to the same length. Take some pictures of the shapes that you make an let me see your amazing creativity!!

Happy Learning today!
Love Mrs T

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I’m throwing a space-themed party for my birthday but I don’t want to planet
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