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Thursday 25.6.20

Hi y’all. Hope today you are doing mighty fine and behaving yourselves!!! I was reminded that at the beginning of lockdown, we spoke about you making your own lunches etc. I hope that you are all still remembering to do that. My boys aren’t!! L

For literacy today we are going to first do a handwriting task, and then a spelling task.
The instructions for this are all in the document.

Numeracy and Maths
For Maths today, we will be working on our final section of work focussing on time. The answers for this will appear on a post on the app later on in the day.

Happy Learning today!
Love Mrs T

Answer to yesterday’s anagram
Today’s Joke
What do you call a dog that does magic tricks?
A labracadabrador!!
Today’s Anagram – A country
Near FC