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Good morning primary 2😊

I can’t believe it is our last day of primary 2. What a year it has been! I am so lucky to have spent the majority of this year with you all. I will miss you all as you move on to Primary 3, but I know how ready you all are for the next part of your journey, whether that’s at MPS or an exciting new school.

Please log on to Seesaw today as I will be sharing a video from all of your friends!

Today is our virtual trip to Edinburgh Zoo!

I have suggested a plan for the day in the document below, but of course this is flexible!

I would love to see photos and videos of you enjoying the trip with your family. I will share these as soon as I can.

Whatever you are doing today I hope that you have FUN and enjoy reflecting on your year in Primary 2.

I am in school today, but I will be joining you along the way on our virtual trip. I am most excited about seeing the penguins!!laugh

If you are not on Seesaw then I would just like to say how much I will miss you all, I hope you are all proud of the superstars that you are. I hope that all parents and families are looking forward to a long, well deserved break from home learning, and hopefully a HOLIDAY!! Have a fantastic summer and I look forward to seeing you in August. heart

Stay safe, have fun and enjoy! 

Miss Sweeney x