Good morning boys and girls!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I can't believe we're now in our last week of Primary 1/2. As a little celebration, I have organised a virtual class trip for us on Thursday. I will be keeping the location of the trip a secret, but I will be dropping hints every day and giving you a small extra task linked to the trip every day alongside your numeracy and literacy tasks.

I will also record a little video for you all on Thursday to say goodbye for the summer. Even if you choose not to do any of the tasks this week, I really would love to see you all post something nice you've been up to on See-Saw this week. I will be gone for a little while after the summer to have my baby and look after her so it would be lovely to be able to see you all before I go.

Today's tasks are attached below. I hope you all have a super day and enjoy this weeks activities :)

Missing you all,

Mrs Jackson xx