Friday 12.6.20

Good morning everyone! Here we are at the end of another busy week. I hope that you are all well and ready to enjoy the weekend with your friends and families.

I enjoyed looking at all your posts about the salty water experiment yesterday and I think you enjoyed doing it too.
Here are todays’ literacy and numeracy activities and please remember that there is the learning grid, which was posted on Monday, to choose from too.

  • Read the letter that the Rainbow Fish sent you. Work on your fine motor control as you decide how to help him get his sparkle back!! There are templates over on Seesaw for you to read and use.
  • Sound out the initial consonant blends on the Rainbow Fish and think of a word that starts with that blend eg bl – black, cl – clown etc
  • Complete the words by adding the initial consonant blends. Type on/write on or write in jotters.
  • We learned the oa sound in school. When we look at the title of “The Rainbow Fish” we see that ow is another way to make this sound. Work your way through the “OW Activity Booklet” that I have posted on Seesaw.

  • Sing/ say the months of the year. I have enjoyed hearing you sing on Seesaw.
  • Write the months of the year on separate pieces of paper. Mix them up and then put them in the right order.
  • Complete the “Months of the Year” activity on Seesaw.
  • Play the snakes and ladders adding and taking away game. You might need a number line or number square to help you jump on or back. Have fun!

I have also posted another fun experiment for you to try today or over the weekend. It is called “How to Grow a Rainbow”. I would love to see how you get on with this and look forward to seeing your photographs over on Seesaw. Have a lovely weekend everyone.
Take care.
Mrs Dowie