Friday 26th June
Fun Friday 😊
Welcome to your last Fun Friday! This time next week, we will be all on our summer holidays and you guys will no longer be in P7! Exciting stuff.
Still, we have tasks to do so here are today’s literacy and numeracy tasks.
Numeracy task  - create a Mathopoly board game
Today I would like you to either play the multiplication Mathopoly board in files or use the blank version to create your own Mathopoly game! Try to choose an area of numeracy you find tricky, such as fractions and use the multiplication version to see how to set the board and cards out. If for some reason you cannot print out the board game, you could draw your own or create any kind of board game you’d like. Once you have made your board game, play it with a member of your family or a friend if social distancing reduces.
Literacy Task – Dictionary Scavenger hunt
See how quickly you can complete the scavenger hunt or race against someone else. If you do not have a dictionary at home, use an online version. If you do not have access to an online version, create your own book scavenger hunt to give to someone to do. I suggest that you use a non-fiction book as it will be easier to create questions and find answers.
Have fun!
Remember to always be the best version of yourself!         
 Miss C