Thursday 25th June

Happy Thursday! Here are the Literacy and Numeracy tasks for today.

Numearcy task  li – equations
Green chilli li – to calculate equations with missing letters
Complete green chilli tasks in file
Orange chilli li – assessment of equations
Complete Orange chilli tasks in files and see how much knowledge you now have on equations.
Red chilli li – solving various equations
The first two tasks are mini, last equation tasks. Task 3 is an assessment your equation knowledge. Complete Red chillis task in files.
Literacy Task – Talking
When you are debating an argument, it is very important that you have examples/reasons to back up your answer. Choose a card at random from the file ‘would you rather’ and discuss with someone the choice you would make and give justification for your choice. The more reasons you can give, the stronger your argument will be.

Remember to always be the best version of yourself!                                
 Miss C 😊