Monday 22nd June
Happy Monday!
I hope you are excited about visiting the High School tomorrow. I am gutted that I cannot be there to see you all. I really wish I could but Mrs Kinnear and some other teachers from school will be there. I have given Mrs Kinnear a wee something from me to each of you!
If you have any last-minute questions, message on TEAMS or GLOW. You are going to love it!!
Here are the Literacy and Numeracy tasks for today!
Numearcy task  li – mixed mental maths
This week’s task is tricky so look at each chilli first to decide which one to do. Good luck and try not to use a calculator. 😊
Task 1
You will find in files, mixed mental maths calculation games called Star Grid game. The instructions are included. These are chilli challenged, *=green ** = orange *** = red. You will need someone to play with. If you do not have someone to play with or for any reason you cannot play the game, your task is to go on to Sumdog. Logon and passwords were given out on the front of your home learning pack.
Literacy Task – li – spelling patterns
Li –cial
Li – ear spelt ere
Li – prefix anti
Li – ending in ary
Li – ion suffix

A new spelling task! Telephone words. First write your words out on a list. Then look at the telephone keypad on TEAMS. Translate each letter into the numbers on the keypad. Now write your spelling words using this code!! 😊  

Remember to always be the best version of yourself!                                
 Miss C 😊