Friday 12th June
Fun Friday 😊
Yay, we have made it through another week of learning at home. Well done if you managed to complete any of the tasks given and make sure that you have a lovely weekend!
Numearcy task  li – algebra
Alphabet Algebra! Starting with Letter D, can you find the value of all the letters of the alphabet? 😊

Literacy Task – Thoughts and crosses
As we are continuing our book for the Primary 1s, today’s task is to play thoughts and crosses with your family! Randomly choose a letter and fill in the chart with your answers, remember the aim is to be as obscure as possible. Cross if someone has the same answer as you, 0 if your answer is unique. 1 point per 0 and add 3 bonus points for every row of 0s.
Have fun!
Remember to always be the best version of yourself!         
 Miss C