Wednesday 10th June
Happy Wednesday! Here are the Literacy and Numeracy tasks for today.
Numearcy task  li – algebra
Green task – li – to find the missing symbol in an equation
Using your knowledge from yesterday, can you find the missing number for each equation. The answer is multiple choice so one of the answers is correct. Answers are on the second page so don’t peak!
Orange task – li to solve simple equations using cover up

Complete the orange task in files.
Red task – li to simplify an equation by finding ‘like’ terms.
When solving an equation, it makes it easier if the equation is simplified to begin with. See the explanation and tasks in files.
Literacy Task
As you guys get ready to leave P7 and move on to High School, P1s will be starting their Markinch Primary School adventure in August. Since they are not getting to visit as much as they usually would, your task is to create an e-book to tell the P1s all about going to school at Markinch Primary School.
Using either SWAY or powerpoint (if you can think of another programme that’s fine), you could create an instructional book telling the p1s all the things they’d need to do such as the dinner hall, playtime, gym time etc. Or you could make it a story about a character starting school. It is entirely up to you! E-books have the same elements as a normal book, such as a front/back cover, fully illustrated pages and a beginning, middle and end. This is going to be for children who are 4 or 5 years old so think about how many words you write on each page and the language you use. Have a look at picture books online to get ideas of what you could do.
This task is going to last for the next few days. Today, focus on deciding on the things mentioned above, make a storyboard with a basic plan of your book and decide what programme you are going to use to create it. You will then have tomorrow and Friday to complete the book. I will post files each day to help you with your book. All books must be completed by Tuesday 16th June.
The book has to be done online as it would be great to send them out to the new P1s online.

Remember to always be the best version of yourself!                                
 Miss C 😊