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Group 3
Today, we are going to start a new block of learning about probability and chance. Probability is the likelihood of something happening.

Task 1a – numeracy (topic maths)
Read the ‘Probability’ pdf file and make sure that you understand it clearly before moving on to the next task. There are some key words you need to understand –
  • random
  • likely
  • very likely
  • unlikely
  • certain
  • even chance
  • impossible
  • likely

Task 1b – numeracy (topic maths)
Now, I would like you to complete page 224-225. You can complete this in your jotter or on paper. This task asks you to decide how likely something is, for example how likely is it that you will eat something today? Impossible, not likely, even chance, likely or certain. The answer would be certain because you will need to eat at some point during the day. How likely is it that I turn 21 on my birthday? Impossible!

Task 1c – numeracy (topic maths)
There is a lot of work in tasks 1a/1b but if you need another challenge you can complete the ‘Rock, paper, scissors challenge’. Make sure you read the instructions carefully.