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Hello there P6/7,

What a busy week and we are half way through already! You have sent me lots of super work already – I can see how hard you are working, well done!

Have a great day today!

Mrs Muir 

Group 3
Today, we are going to continue our work on probability and chance.

Task 1a – topic maths
Your first task today is to complete the ‘probability worksheet’. This focuses on the probability of something happening and asks you to calculate the chance, just like we did in yesterday’s work. Make sure that you read the questions carefully. This can be completed on paper or in your jotter if you can’t print it.

Task 1b – topic maths
Your next task is a problem solving task linked to probability and chance. Take your time with this – read it carefully and persevere when it gets tricky. Remember, that’s how you build up your problem solving skills!