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Hello there P6/7,

It is Wednesday already – where are the weeks going?

Have a lovely day today!

Mrs Muir 

Groups 1 and 2
Today, we are going to continue with our learning about conversion rates. We will be learning how to convert from another currency back into pounds. Yesterday, we practised our multiplying skills but today we will need to use our division skills. Again, you can use a calculator for this type of task.

For example – if I return from my holiday with 20 Euros, I can convert it back into pounds at a special kiosk or bank. The exchange rate is still 1.15 but this time I would need to divide my amount by 1.15.
  • 20 divided by 1.15 = £17.39
  • This means that, for 20 Euros, I will receive £17.39 back.
Remember that if you get a long number on your calculator with more than two decimal places, you will need to use your rounding skills. For instance if I get 12.728989 I could round it up to £12.73.

Task 1a – topic maths

I would like you to complete p77-78 on paper or in your jotter. Remember to read each question carefully and show your calculations, even if you used a calculator.

Task 1b – topic maths

Finally, I would like you to complete the ‘Exchange Rate Challenge’ which will bring both of the skills together – multiplying and dividing by the exchange rate. Remember to read it carefully and answer fully. If you can’t print this out, you can write your answers down on paper or in your jotter.