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Hello everyone,

I hope you had a great day yesterday and enjoyed the numeracy and literacy tasks. Remember that you can select tasks from the grid too if you would like to work on topic, HWB, expressive arts or STEM.

You can share your work with me if you want to on Teams or by email. I’ll be on Teams throughout the day if you have any questions.

Have a lovely day!

Mrs Muir 😊

Groups 1 and 2
This week, we are going to start on a new maths topic. This is a topic which I know a lot of you had been looking forward to but also one which a lot of people find a bit scary – algebra! Algebra a part of maths where letters or symbols are used to represent numbers. Although it can look puzzling, it is really like cracking a code! It is great fun once you know what you are doing and was always one of my favourite parts of maths.

Here is a simple example of algebra –
a + 4 = 7
This means that 7 – 4 = a,
Therefore, a = 3 because 3 + 4 = 7

I’ve given you a helpful ‘Algebra’ file (on the app/in files) which shows clear examples and talks through different rules and strategies – make sure that you read this before you begin any of the tasks.

Task 1a – numeracy (topic maths)
Once you have looked at the Algebra file, you are ready to start this task. I would like you to complete page 111 of the textbook. This has a clear guide at the top, in the yellow box, which describes the ‘cover up’ method. Make sure that you read this carefully and use this strategy throughout your work.

Although this is not a big task, there is a lot of work in it so take your time, show your working out and remember to arrange your work in a logical way.

This is how you could lay out a question.
1a)    x + 3 = 7
x = 4 so 4 + 3 = 7

This should be completed on paper or in your jotter.

Task 1b – numeracy (topic maths)
Next, I would like you to practise these new skills by playing online games. These focus on finding the value of a letter –