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Hello everyone,

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s mental maths and spelling. These are great skills to keep working away on and will always benefit from extra practice.

I hope you enjoy today’s tasks – topic maths and comprehension. Remember you can share your work with me if you want to on Teams or by email. I’ll be on Teams throughout the day if you have any questions.

Have a lovely day!
Mrs Muir 😊

Groups 1 and 2
This week, we are going to complete our work about money. Today, we will be looking specifically at currency and testing out our multiplying skills. This may be a handy skill the next time you are abroad!

When you go to a different country, they may use a different currency to ours (pounds/£s). When you are using a different currency it is a good idea to know roughly how much you are spending. There are special rates called conversion rates which tell you how much the pound is worth in comparison to another currency.

Task 1a – numeracy (topic maths)
In your jotter or on paper, complete Textbook page 75 and 76. These focus on how you can take an amount of pounds and change it to a different currency using a conversion rate.

For example, if the conversion rate is 1.15, then you need to multiply the number of pounds by 1.15.
  • I have £20 and I want to convert them into Euros. The conversion rate is 1.15.
  • I need to do this calculation – 20 x 1.15 = 23
  • This means that I will get 23.00 Euros back in exchange for my pounds.
Please note that it is okay to do this calculation and the pages above with a calculator!

Task 1b – numeracy (topic maths)
Now, I would like you to practise your skills further by completing the ‘Currency Conversion Mosaic’. Read the instructions carefully – you will need to convert the amount then check which colour it should be. If you are unable to print this puzzle, you could still try out the skill by completing the calculations.

Task 1c – numeracy (topic maths)
Finally, I would like you to let me know how you managed with today’s tasks. You can email me to let me know.