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Task 2a – comprehension
This week, there are two comprehension tasks so that you can choose which one is best for you. B is more complicated than A and there is more reading. Comprehension B will follow in the next app message.

This week, the comprehension questions are based on the First News weekly news articles.

It might be helpful for you to read the text twice before you start the questions. Make sure that you answer in full, clear sentences and remember that many of the words you will need are already in the text or in the question.   

Whichever task you choose to complete, it can be written out on paper, in a jotter or typed up on the computer. I’ll be happy to have a look at your work if you would like to share it.

Task 2b – news puzzles
The next task is to complete one of the news puzzles (A or B). To complete these you need to find clues in the texts. Enjoy!