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Hi everyone,

Well, here we are almost through another week! It is nearly Friday already! Hope you enjoy today’s tasks!

Have a good day!

Mrs Muir 

Groups 1 and 2
Today, we are starting a new, short block of learning about positive and negative numbers. Watch this video before you start to give you a clear idea of what negative numbers are all about - http://www.viewpure.com/6U1kCOuNpR4?start=0&end=0
Once you have watched the video, can you think of any other uses of negative numbers in real life? Make a list!

This video will give you a summary of adding and subtracting negative numbers – it is a great way to start off - https://www.khanacademy.org/math/arithmetic/arith-review-negative-numbers/arith-review-sub-neg-intro/v/adding-and-subtracting-negative-number-examples

Task 1a – topic maths
Your first numeracy task today is to complete the ‘Positive and Negative Numbers’ task. This task shows you a number line at the top of the sheet which can be helpful while you get started. Make sure you use this to help you.

Task 1b – topic maths
Next, I would like you to complete the ‘Intergalactic Quest’ sheet. This is a quick task which asks you to find the difference between two numbers. It should reinforce your learning about negative numbers.