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Hi everyone,

Well, here we are almost through another week! It is nearly Friday already! Hope you enjoy today’s tasks!

Have a good day!

Mrs Muir 

Group 3
Today, we are going to continue our focus on subtraction. Today’s tasks should improve your speed and accuracy while you are subtracting numbers.

Task 1a - operations
Let’s get your brains warmed up first! First of all, complete the ‘challenge cards’ – these are quick, mental maths problems which will include a mix of addition and subtraction. These can be completed mentally or on paper if you wish.

Task 1b - operations
Now that your brains are warmed up, let’s get started with our subtraction task. Today, you will be practising your subtraction skills, just like last week. I have included the file with different strategies so that you can check on it again if you need a reminder.

If you can’t print the sheet, don’t worry, just write your answers out on paper or in your jotter.