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Hi everyone,

I hope you have had a good week so far. You have certainly been working hard and it is great to see so much of you work. Well done!

Have a lovely day!

Mrs Muir 

Groups 1 and 2
Today, we are going to focus on number. We will be looking at multiples today and carrying out some number investigations. Don’t worry, I’ve included a note of what a multiple is in the file, just in case you have forgotten!  

Task 1a – number

Firstly, open the ‘What is a multiple?’ file. This will remind you about multiples and will give you a short starter activity to get your brains warmed up!

Task 1b – number

Now, I would like you to complete the ‘Multiples Investigation’. This is a longer task and will take resilience, thinking skills and patience. It will help you to improve your number skills, particularly division and multiplication. Make sure that you read the questions carefully and show your answers fully. You can show your working on paper, on the sheet or in your jotter.

If you would like a further challenge, see if you can make your own Multiples Investigation – what could you find out?