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Hello P6/7,

It is Friday again! What a quick week! I hope you have enjoyed this week’s tasks and have learned lots of new things.

Have a lovely weekend – make sure you have some rest, exercise and play!

Missing you all!

Mrs Muir 

Groups 1 and 2

Today, we are going to continue our focus on improving our problem solving skills. We will be focusing on working systematically – this means working in a logical way to find clues that help us to solve the problem. Just like last week, we will need to persevere and keep going if it gets tricky and we don’t find the answer straight away.

I am including a problem solving tips sheet to help you along the way – it is in files on Teams or on the app.

All of these tasks can be completed on paper or in your jotter.

Task 1a – warm up!

Let’s get your brains warmed up first! Your first task is to try ‘Prison Cells’. This asks you to figure out how many prisoners are in each part of the grid. It will need perseverance, hard work and logical thinking!  

If you would like to try a further challenge, try ‘Fifteen Cards. For this type of challenge, you will need to work in a logical way but you may also wish to make cards to move around. Sometimes having a real example of something when solving a problem is really helpful.

Task 1b – challenge

Your next task is ‘Albert Square’. You will see that this follows the same ideas as the last two challenges – you need to work in a clear, logical way and keep track of what you are doing. Work your way through the statements and show your working as you go.

If you enjoyed ‘Albert Square’ and you would like to try another challenge, go to ‘House Points’. It is similar and asks you to find how many points each person has. This task will need lots of perseverance and a positive attitude!