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Thursday 2.7.20
Waaaah!!! It’s my last day with you. I have so enjoyed working with you all this year and am devastated that our year together ended in the way that it did. You are such a lovely, funny, kind and hard-working bunch of kids. I am really going to miss you all. I hope you all have the most amazing Summer holiday. Hopefully I’ll see some of your smiley faces around the village. I’ll look forward to seeing you all and hearing your news after the holidays. Love to you all xxx
For literacy today, you need to watch a movie of your choosing (Wayhay- I hear you say!!) Watch it really carefully and think about the main character’s background, beliefs and attitudes.
Now, you need to imagine that you are that character. Fill in the attached sheet called ‘Where I Live.’ Remember you answers should not be about what you would say, but about the character in the movie. This should help you to think about how a character’s environment affects the way that they act.  

Numeracy and Maths
For your last maths task of the school year, it is a multiplication tables computer game. I had a lot of fun playing this one!
Happy Learning today and have a fantastic Summer holiday
Love Mrs T xxx

Answer to yesterday’s anagram
New Zealand
Today’s Joke
To the mathematician who thought of the number zero, thanks for nothing!!

And I have completely run out of jokes!!!!! xxxxxx