Good Morning!

Here we are already in term 4. Term 4 is another really busy term for P2, as we prepare for Primary 3. Here is the learning we will be getting up to:


This term we are going to be continuing to build on our phonetic skills, by learning new sounds as well as continually revising sounds we have already learnt. We will use these in order to help us read and write more fluidly and independently. New sounds will be sent home each week with reading books or on Seesaw so that you can also support this at home.

In reading we are continuing to develop our decoding skills, and practising our ‘sight’ words, which are words that cannot be decoded so that we can read fluently. We will look at different types of punctuation, grammar and comprehension skills. We will also be looking at nonfiction texts and building our skills on how to use these.

In writing, we will be working on creating functional pieces of texts, such as letters and instructions. We will also be exploring creative writing, and how to effectively plan the beginning, middle and end of a story. We will be looking at using different VCOP skills to improve the standard of our writing.

Maths and Numeracy

This term we will continue to embed our knowledge and understanding of number, particularly looking at how to correctly write our numbers. It is important that we practise forming our numbers correctly. This is something that can also be done at home to support your child in their number identification and formation.

We will also continually be practising our addition and subtraction in a variety of ways. We will be focussing on learning about multiplication this term, by looking at repeated addition, creating groups of numbers, and learning our times table facts. We will also be learning about division, by looking at how we can share a number equally into different groups.

In maths, we will be looking at measure. We will be looking at how we can use nonstandard measurements to measure and compare length, height, area, weight, volume and capacity. We will also be looking at some forms of measure, such as metres and kilograms.

Mrs Jackson will be looking at data and analysis this term. This will include looking at ways we can record data, and how we can present this, for example, with tally marks or a bar graph.

Later in the term we will be looking at angle and symmetry, mostly through our IDL topic.

Health and Wellbeing

In gym this term, we will be focussing on athletics, and building up our skills with running, jumping and skipping.

We will also be looking at ball skills, such as how to throw or catch a ball, and different movements we can make with a ball.

This term we will also be looking at RSHPE, looking at our bodies, how to look after plants and animals, and how to look after a baby. The information for this has been emailed out.


Our topic this term is based on the storybooks ‘The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’. The children are really enjoying this topic so far! We will be looking at lighthouses and how they work. We will explore electricity through circuits, as well as looking at food and how we can effectively grow it and what we can eat and drink to stay healthy.

General Information

Our PE days this term are a Wednesday and a Friday. Therefore, children can come to school in PE kit or a suitable pair of shoes on these days.

I am planning to incorporate outdoor learning into our timetable this term. This will hopefully take place on a Monday. Therefore, please send children to school on this day with a suitable pair of outdoor shoes (such as wellies) and a waterproof jacket.

We still appreciate any junk (cardboard, empty bottles etc) donations for our classroom. The art area is a very popular area in our classroom, so we are always thankful for materials to use!

For our topic this term, we are looking to create a lighthouse small word play area. To create this, we are looking for 2 small empty wooden cable reels. If you have one of these that you would be willing to kindly donate to P2 to support our learning through play, we would be very grateful. Thank you!

I am really looking forward to spending another busy term with P2! Keep an eye out on Seesaw regularly for learning updates.

Thank you!

Miss Wilkie smiley