Good afternoon,

Outdoor Gym
As you know, our outdoor gym is on a Friday morning (with the children learning yoga on a Tuesday afternoon in class). The children have been coming in dressed suitably for both days, thank you.  This week, however, we will need to make a few changes as follows:  
  1. Tuesday 8th December - suitable outdoor gym wear okay as we will be starting to record our Christmas Drama.  This may involve going outdoors depending on the weather. Warm layers needed.
  2. Friday 11th December - Christmas jumper day - yoga in class. 
Keeping warm in class
The weather became much colder last week and I have been closing some of the windows in class. Given the current situation I still need to keep windows open and this results in the classroom becoming cooler even though the radiators are on. Please make sure your child brings an additional jumper/cardigan/body warmer to put on.

Many thanks for your help.
Mrs Philp