Good morning everyone :)

I'm sorry I didn't get to chat to any of you on See-Saw yesterday, but I'm looking forward to catching up with your work today.

The learning tasks for today are attached below.

Numeracy/Maths - We will be finishing off our Data Handling topic by conducting our own toy research and creating a bar chart with the information we gather.

Literacy - Today is Phonics day and I have some comics that you will be able to read to an adult today. I hope you enjoy them! We will also be learning to use our knowledge of phonics to sound out some words in a picture spotting activity from Traction Man!

I can't wait to speak to you all today. Even if you are not doing the school work I'm posting, it would be lovely to hear from you and what you have been up to. I'm missing you all so much!

Mrs Jackson xx